As a seasoned architectural design firm, we provide individual attention at all phases of the design process, coupled with the most advanced computer-aided design tools, ensure excellent communication of aesthetic intent throughout the entire design/build process

A comprehensive, progressive approach to design is a great advantage for our clients. Along the Central Coast, we are blessed with an ideal climate that allows us to create designs that take advantage of abundant sunshine. Our knowledge of the best practices of solar design means our designs harvest and store the energy of the sun. By properly orienting and configuring our designs we can harvest the sunlight that falls on our buildings, using plenty of south-facing glass to capture the energy of the sun.

In the winter, we can store the sun’s heat in dense materials such as stone and concrete. Special low-profile water walls, specially fabricated by Beller Design Build, allow for comfortable, natural radiant heating. In the summer, cool evenings allow us to ventilate at night, creating houses that need no air conditioning. Properly-sized solar electric panels provide onsite power generation. Careful selection of window and door assemblies that use properly selected, high-performance glazing ensure optimum comfort and performance.

Green Leaf

One of the fundamentals of green design is taking advantage of natural lighting.

  • Strategically placed skylights augment side lighting from windows.
  • Interior glazing and transoms allow daylight to penetrate deep into interior spaces, augmenting normal side lighting.
  • Light shelves help bounce light off ceiling elements.
  • High-dormer clerestories with integral baffles create ample natural lighting in larger spaces.
  • Natural ventilation is easily achieved by using operable windows and skylights for all openings associated with these techniques.
  • By using vaulted ceilings and operable skylights, stack ventilation is used to augment normal cross ventilation.

Great Room Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

Morro Bay Residence