Architectural design services are provided in three distinct phases. Schematic Design deals with the scale and relationship of the major elements of the architecture project. During the Design Development phase, the size and character of all major components of the project are decided. In the final Construction Document phase, all the technical specifications and details of construction are specified in the drawings. All phases of the design are based on 3D computer modeling with real-time visualization of all spaces. The computer model contains all the information for designing and constructing the project in a three-dimensional format.

Our projects harvest the energy of the sun by utilizing the principles of "solar architecture."  Integrating and optimizing the major building systems creates high-performance, climate-responsive architecture. The use of appropriate technologies such as passive solar design, natural lighting and, natural ventilation, coupled with high levels of insulation and properly sized solar electric and solar hot water systems, enables our designs to be extremely comfortable and efficient.  We are committed to creating projects that consume 80% less energy on average than conventional designs.

Architecture Services

  • Minor use/coastal permit applications
  • Schematic design
  • Computer renderings
  • Real-time 3D computer visualization
  • Hand-drawn watercolor perspectives
  • Physical models
  • Construction documents
  • Construction specifications
  • Coordination of structural engineering
  • Coordination of energy modeling
  • Coordination of civil engineering
  • Preparation of detailed specifications
  • Interior design services and coordination
  • Green building design and rating services
  • Research and consulting