Cayucos Bluff Residence

The Project

The design for this project with expansive ocean views presented unique opportunities, as the same owner owned the adjacent home perched on the bluff below. This allowed for the development of a design concept of “two houses living as one,” with the lower house being used primarily as a group gathering space connected to the upper house by a large wind-protected deck shared by both houses. The upper residence contains the more private functions of daily living, e.g. sleeping, working, daily food preparation, dining, media, and storage.

The design intent was to maximize expansive views of the ocean frontage while maintaining consistency with the small-scale neighborhood criteria. This was achieved by designing the form to avoid the structure appearing large when viewed from the street. The upper-story elements were kept as small as possible with only a narrow axial circulation element extending forward toward the street.

A large balcony space which is contiguous to the upper-level space provides an outdoor living area that is partially sheltered from the prevailing northwest breezes. The lower level contains two master suites that open to a large deck area that is shared with the adjoining property.

At the street level, the project design consists of the main entry with an open stairway and adjacent elevator, a garage, and a guest bedroom suite. The upper level is a half flight of steps above the street level and contains an open kitchen, dining/living area, and a small half bath. The design intent was to maximize views of the ocean frontage to the west and southwest toward Point Buchon.


  • Pre-design feasibility report
  • Minor use/coastal permit application package
  • Schematic design with physical models
  • Design development
  • Computer modeling and renderings
  • Construction document