Morro Bay Residence

The Project

This 2000-square-foot passive solar home is oriented to harvest the energy of the sun and store that energy to keep the house comfortable year-round. The interior spaces are arranged to take full advantage of the dramatic views of mountains and valleys. The spaces are configured for efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability. Interior glass partitions allow spaces to open up to one another or be closed off for privacy. Light shelves bounce natural light into interior rooms. Vaulted ceilings add visual interest and allow for stack ventilation to help keep the home cool in summer months. The homes features include:

  • Low-profile water walls passively store the energy of the sun
  • A grid-tied photovoltaic system provides 100% on the electricity on site
  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir tree is used for cabinetry and trim
  • Stone veneer patio walls were constructed using stone gathered on the property
  • Average utility expenditures are 83% less than a standard home
  • Temperatures inside the home never vary more than eight degrees throughout the year



  • Site planning and visual analysis
  • Schematic design
  • Minor use permit application package
  • Computer modeling
  • Construction documents
  • Construction estimates
  • Construction management